Tricks of Speaking English Fluently

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Tricks of Speaking English Fluently

Tricks of Speaking English Fluently By Amida Meila Indriasari, S.S., M.Pd.

In learning English speaking, we must have much patience. Because making our tongue familiar with the English speaking is not an easy job, especially for Indonesian students. Adaption skill that people have is also different. People who have been familiar with English songs or English conversation will be easier to adapt with speaking. Learning speaking will also be easier for those who are in the English environment. Logically, we have to know the way of reading well before we can write well. As well as we have to learn English listening first, before at the end we can improve our speaking skill fluently. These are some tips how to learn English speaking

  1. Subscribe to podcasts or Youtube channels (in English) Like humor? Politics? Blogging? Cooking? With topics covering every interest imaginable, there’s an English-speaking podcast or Youtube channel out there for you. Subscribe to a few and listen while driving or watch during the commute to school or work. At first, you might find the native accents difficult, but stick with it and you’ll soon start to understand what you hear (as well as learning lots of new vocab from a native speaker!). As often as you practice will be help you to be familiar with pronunciation, conversation, and terms in English.
  2. Practicing by Watching English Movie Without Subtitle This way is one of the interesting learning English. You can choose the movie that you really like. The concept of the movie has gesture and body language, and it will be easier to be learned.
  3. Practicing by singing English Songs Practice makes perfect, by doing this you can be familiar with English listening and speaking. Music is one of the interesting media which is easy to be remembered and learned, you will learn how to pronounce English by singing songs.
  4. Where ever you are, what ever you do, please do it in English These are the best ways to improve your speaking skill. First, where ever you are, say it in English, For example, ‘ I go to the bathroom to take a bath’, ‘I am on my way home from school,’. Second, what ever you do, do it in English, starting when you open your eyes in the morning until you close your eyes or go to bed. For example ‘I open my eyes, I take a deep breath’, or while you are eating, you will say, ‘I eat a plate of fried rice on the canteen’. When you are driving your car, you will say, ‘I drive my car with my little brother’. Do it regularly everyday and finally you will be fluent in English.
  5. Joining English Class This is the last way to learn speaking. You can join English class everywhere you want. If you join this, you will be taught by the tutor who really mastered this material. You will have the partner to practice speaking at class. Build your confidence to speak English with your partner at class. The English environment will give you natural reinforcement to practice speaking.
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